News Channel 6 Visits

WPSD News Channel 6 was at Little Busch Stadium on May 31, 2013. Below is the text of the story courtesy of reporter Robert Bradfield. The story aired on Friday night may 31st on the 6pm news cast.

PRINCETON, Ky. – Ken Parker’s backyard is probably the best on his Princeton, Kentucky block.

“That’s sort of a replica of Busch Stadium,” he said as he was standing on the pitcher’s mound of a downsized copy of the St. Louis Cardinals Stadium adjacent to his home.

Parker started in last year. “We put up Big Mac Land and of course we had to put the flag up and then the scoreboard patio,” Parker said.

He wanted a way to honor a family friend, 12 year-old Jake Hodge, who loved baseball.

“We decided Busch Stadium because this is Cardinals country,” he said with a smile.

Hodge died in his sleep in 2008. “He was my best friend, as any dad would say,” Denis Hodge recalled of his son.

Hodge wrote a book about his loss, but said building the baseball field is a much better way to give back to the community who supported him.

“If it’d be any type of loss that we deal with, we try to, as humans, need to and should try to, make positive things come out of that and one of the best ways to do that is to help other people,” Hodge said.

Parker plans to host a wiffleball tournament this weekend; the first of what he hopes will be many charity events at the field.

“Anybody that wants to raise money for an organization, a baseball team, a youth organization, a scholarship fund,” said Parker.