• All players must wear matching jerseys
  • Shorts or Pants may be worn
  • Hats optional


General Rules

  • Games are 6 innings or 1 hour
  • All teams must have 9 players



  • No pitch counts or inning limits
  • A pitcher may not re-enter a game after he/she has been removed
  • Pitch speeds may not exceede 45-50 mph (at umpires discretion).  If the umpire declares a pitch in a given at bat to be too fast, it is a no pitch.  If the trend continues, the umpire has the authority to call a ball.  The goal is to strike a batter out with movement and location rather that speed.


Gameplay (All baseball rules apply with the following exceptions):

  • No bunting
  • A player may be called out advancing the bases if he/she is hit by a thrown ball (below the head).  The ball must hit the player in the air and cannot bounce and hit the player.  If a player ducks and is hit in the head, it is an out at the umpires discretion.