The Field

Little Busch Stadium construction began in spring 2012.   The field was inspired after our good friends lost their healthy, athletic 12 year old son suddenly in 2008.  When the Jake Hodge Memorial Scholarship fund was started, I began to think of ways we could help raise money.  I stumbled upon two websites.  The first by Pat O’Connor who constructed Little Fenway and Chris Dolan’s Fenway Westfield.   I could not imagine a better way to honor the legacy of an athletic 12 year-old than a wiffle© ball field.  The field was a collaborative effort of many people including:  Matt Aikins, Kevin Tayes, Adam French, Bobby East, Shane Board, Tom “Fish” Adams, Brock Thomas, Brian Davis.  Below are some pics of construction of Little Busch Stadium.


  • LF/RF: 78′
  • CF: 94′
  • Power Alleys: 88′
  • Bases: 43′
  • Mound: 34′